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The Smart Extrusion Technology

Twelve (12) extrusion sizes simplify design and construction. All sizes are completely compatible with each other including the use of common accessories (fewer components/less cost). Uniform slot size (largest in the industry) for the entire Modular Automation System (14 mm wide X 14 mm deep), provides a secure connection with a minimum of fastening components. The concave surface of the extrusions guarantees durable connections that do not vibrate loose. Maximum wall thickness at key points (no counter boring required) prevents crimping and maximizes overall strength of the completed assembly.

The Strong Fastening Technology

Robotunits offers maximum safety and integrity in your process through play-free, accurate, centrallyaligned fastening technology- unique worldwide. Connections comparable to welded connections provide up to four (4) metric tons (8,800lbs.) tensile strength and do not require any drilling or machining- no counter bores. The unique centering insert coupled with the concave extrusion technology assures no loosening of bolts through vibration and 100% positioning accuracy. Drop in nuts with a special spring assembly protect against unintended movement and eliminate wasted time aligning bolt holes, just slide to stop position. Post assembly integration or repositioning of struts and/or accessories can be accomplished without dismantling the frame. Without holes, the length of the extrusion is the only measurement needed- simplifies drawings and assembly time.

Robotunits Conveyor Systems